DanO (gooeybooger) wrote,


Been a while since an update...

I'm engaged now! I know, weird huh? It will be great after next week though because then Emily will be living in the same town as me!!!

Work is the usual, unsatisfactory... But, I will be getting a raise hopefully within the next month, so my latest financial concerns might be calmed down a bit.

Games have been good. Just got Borderlands from Gamefly, and I think Boone and I might get addicted quick. Claptrap is awesome...very GIR-like. :-p.

Xbox laser is unresponsive most of the time so my games won't load anymore, guess it's good that I have a PS3 now ;-P. And unfortunately, my Wii won't turn on either, so that is a bit disheartening. :-/.

That's about it for my update, just trying to keep a level head while juggling Emily's move here, engagement, and my job...oh yea, also going to be keeping this house after Boone moves into the one he just bought... Yay change!!! 0_o
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